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Credit Repair Testimonials

They help me with the negative info…

“I went to try to buy a vehicle two months ago, and in the dealership they told me to visit this company ( Safe Credit Solutions, Inc) because they were going to help me remove the negative info on my credit. I went for a Consultation and they Explain me all everything on how do they do to get stuff removed from my credit, they gave me information about the FCRA and how it works etc. cuz i also had on my credit stuff that wasnt mine. they are excellent, they help me remove the negative information in less than 90 days, Also they help me get a Line of Credit.. I waited 90 days and they did everything for me. great credit repair company. HIGH RECOMMENDED” -Por Raúl R.

They fixed my credit quick

“I received the results yesterday from all 3 credit bureaus (experian, transunion, and equifax) and I was amazed when I looked at them, Safe Credit Solutions, Inc helped me removed all the negative information from my credit report. I had a judgment from nassau county that was paid but was affecting my credit, and it was removed, and like five more collections, my credit looks great… highly recommended they also are very in to technology, they sent you invoices online, they have a portal..?

-Rafael S.


Excellent Credit Repair

“I had a charge off, and five collections on my credit report.. Somebody I know recommend me with Safe Credit Solutions, Inc because I was looking to purchase a new vehicle I couldn’t at that time because I had a lot of negative items on my credit report. Safe Credit Solutions Helped me fix my credit .. they also ha ve a portal online where you can check the status of the accounts they are disputing.. they gave me updates every week… I will definitely recommend this company they are excellent”
-Elizabeth C.

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