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A Few Important Do’s & Don’ts of Credit Repair

You may have gotten into some financial trouble in the past but that is all behind you now. You know your future depends on repairing your credit. Of course for many people, credit repair is easier said than done. You may have easily gotten into poor credit, but you don’t know how to work your way out of it. Do not worry! Safe Credit Solutions is here to help. With this in mind, we want to better inform you of a few do’s and don’ts of credit repair. When you follow this advice, you will be out of poor credit before you know it!


… Check Your Credit Report

The only way to know for sure what your credit score is and why it is that is to look at your credit report. Many people with poor credit avoid doing this because they don’t want to see the bad news. Other people can see it, and you need to know what it is in it!

…Take Proper Steps to Repair Your Credit

Once you have your credit report, you can take the necessary steps to improve it. We offer services to help you with this, including credit guidance and debt payment plans. You will make a list of the debts you own and your current per month expenses. We work with you to put together a budget you can follow. Then, we contact your creditors and perform out a low interest rate for your expenses. 

… Realize this will take time

It is easy in your position to get frustrated and feel impatient. Be patient! Keep in mind that it took some time to build the debt amount that you currently have, and it will also take some time to pay it all off. Repaired credit doesn’t happen overnight, however, a commitment to a feasible plan will make it happen.


… Ignore Bills

We know it can be tempting to simply ignore bills you know you can’t pay. This doesn’t help the situation! It may be possible to budget monthly payments. If your financial situation prevents you from doing so, you can still contact them to see if you can go on a longer payment plan or other arrangement. Many will work with you if and only if you communicate open and honestly with them.

… Close All Credit Card Accounts

Too often, people seeking to pay down debt will close credit cards in order to not be tempted to use them. This can actually negatively impact your credit score! It messes up your debt to open credit ratio. Instead of closing the accounts, continue to pay your down debt and put the cards out of sight and out of mind. 

If you need more help than this quick list, you can always contact us and we will be on your side. 

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