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3 Credit Hacks That Will Change Your Life

If you spend much time on the internet, you’ll probably find a lot of life hacks. Did you know you can use a paperclip to easily mark the end of a tape roll? Did you know you can use chopsticks to avoid orange fingers while eating cheetos? While these are pretty cool, they’re not going to have as huge an effect on your life the way a credit hack will. No matter how daunting it may seem, it is absolutely possible to build, repair, and boost your credit scores. Anyone can have good credit, even you! In fact, it’s actually a lot more straightforward than you might think. 

You can be amazed how a good credit score helps you to improve your financial status and change your life. Here are a few credit hacks you should be aware of that won’t just give your scores a boost, they’ll change your entire life!

#1 Keep at Least Three Major Credit Cards

By far, one of the best ways that you can repair your credit involves keeping several major credit cards open at all times. You may worry that having too many cards at once will hurt your credit. Actually, the opposite is true and you want several lines of open credit. As long as you make payments on time and avoid falling too far into debt, it is considered a good thing to have three or even four credit cards. Making three payments on-time every month will always raise your credit faster than a single payment to one card.

#2 Understand “Credit Utilization”

As you open more than one credit card, you’ll want to pay close attention to your credit utilization. This term refers to the percentage of your total credit that you are currently using on a regular basis. You want to use some of your total line of credit, but not all of it. For the biggest impact on your credit score, try to keep the total of all of your balances around 25% to 30% for as long as you can. 

#3 Increase Your Credit Limits as Much as Possible

Let’s say you really need to put $5,000 on a credit card, but the limit of the card is the same $5,000. You’ve now maxed out your credit limit, and your score is going to take a hit. Before you put the $5,000 on, you could request a request limit increase. The higher your credit limits are, the lower your utilization actually is. So if you have a card with $20,000 in available credit and a $5,000 balance, you’re using 25% of your available credit. Suddenly, that $5,000 balance only represents a fraction of what you could be spending. It’s a great way to practice credit repair without really doing much of anything at all.

For any and all credit repair needs, Safe Credit Solutions can help. We encourage you to look into our available services, including debt management and credit repair. With a few credit hacks and our expert help along the way, you’ll be enjoying good credit before you know it!

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