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5 Things Debt Collectors Can’t Do

What Debt Collectors Can’t Do

You owe money. You know this and understand why companies want what is due to them. This is why you are working to pay it back as quickly and completely as you can. The debt collectors certainly are not helping, though! Debt collection harassment and constant reminders doesn’t allow you to earn more money and pay back what you owe any faster. It seems like all they are doing is making it worse. It may be a comfort to you to learn that debt collectors have restrictions on how they can pursue you for payment. If they break the rules, there are consequences.

Be sure to keep an eye and ear out for debt collectors doing any of the following:

#1 Come to your workplace in person. It’s illegal for a debt collector to come to your workplace in person in order to collect payment. This is because they are prohibited from publicizing your debts. Showing up at your job to collect your debt would certainly be doing that!

#2 Call you at work after you’ve asked them to stop. While they can’t come into your workplace in person, they may, however, call you at work. In order to stop these calls, you must ask the debt collector not to contact you at work. They must stop, according to the law. If they don’t, they are breaking the rules.

#3 Call you at inconvenient times. This is yet another rule they must follow in regards to how they contact you. Debt collectors can’t call you before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m. You can also request that a debt collector stop calling you all together. Your obligation to pay the debt remains, however, even without the phone calls.

#4 Harass you in any way. Harassment from a debt collector can come in many forms. This includes repeated calls, threats of violence, publishing information about you, and abusive or obscene language. All of these are illegal under the debt collection practices act.

#5 Arrest you for debt. Unlike centuries ago, you can’t be arrested and put in jail for a debt you owe. That is not to say you’re off the hook for legal ramifications. For instance, if a debt collector sues you over debt and you fail to show up in court, you may lose by default and be ordered to pay. If you then defy that court order and still do not pay, they may pursue an arrest warrant against you. The simple way to avoid this is to go to any court hearings scheduled and comply with all rulings.

We hope this list helps you find peace of mind. The debt collectors in your life have rules they must follow in order to stay within legal guidelines. If you find they are not, do not delay in reporting them and getting the help you need!

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